With our new math problem generator, educators and students can generate an endless variety of math problems on the interactive whiteboard. In the settings for the tool, you can customize which types of problems appear, and how many. Best of all, answers are just a click away, making this a flexible tool that can easily be used throughout the day to practice different math skills. Discover the possibilities this tool has to offer by creating a Gynzy account and getting started.

How does it work?

The Math Problem Generator shows a set of math problems on the Interactive Whiteboard. The answers can be revealed one by one or as a set. One push of the button and you generate a new set of math problems.

Try it out

Like with other Gynzy tools, the math problem generator can be easily resized, making it easy to combine with other tools and elements in your lessons.

Selecting math problems

You determine the types of math problems shown by making a selection in the settings menu. You have multiple options to choose from which allows you to generate math problems for all levels.

On the left side of the settings you find the general options, like the number of problems to show (1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20). You also are given extra options that relate to specific math problems, like regrouping within addition and subtraction. 

On the right side of the settings you select the type of math problem (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division). You select the type of problem by setting a checkmark by that type, and select the range in which the math problem may be found (to 10, 100, etc.). You can also choose specific times tables or division tables. 

Tip: Instead of a set of math problems, you can also use this tool to show a single math problem. This means you have a quick and easy math problem generator that you can use during a lesson or to focus on a specific skill.

Insert into Math Lessons from Gynzy

The math problem generator is just the latest tool on our Library that helps teachers deliver engaging math lessons to students, no matter where class takes place. To get started, simply create an account today.