5 Fun Ways to Use Digital Dice with Students

March 10, 2021
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Digital Dice is a versatile and highly customizable tool that is a favorite among teachers. Here are some ideas you can use to get started with Digital Dice in the classroom!

digital dice full board
Add Digital Dice to your Gynzy Whiteboard

1. Facilitate games

Choose between standard dice, dice with numbers and up to 20 sides, dice that display colors, and more. Or, customize Digital Dice as you like! 

Try experimenting with:

  • Number of sides (6, 8, 10, 12 or 20)

  • Number of dice (1 to 5)

  • Dice colors (light, dark, or alternating between light and dark)

digital dice custom
Customize your dice

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2. Practice arithmetic

Create math exercises by choosing the number of dice you’d like to roll (e.g. 2 through 5). Then, practice addition and have Gynzy provide the answer to every unique roll.

Are your students ready for multiplication? Roll two 10-sided dice and ask them to solve!

digital dice number line
Add and multiply with dice

3. Practice language lessons

Have you ever used dice to teach language? Here are a few ideas to try out using custom dice.

  • Create dice with vowels and consonants. Have students select which dice shows the vowels and which shows consonants.

  • Create dice containing nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Roll the dice and have students create sentences using the given words.

  • Create dice containing sight words and other vocabulary building blocks.

4. Practice reading coordinates

Give students a handout with a coordinate plane showing 1-6 on the x-axis and A-F on the y-axis. Create two dice with 1-6 and A-F, respectively, and have students mark the coordinates given by the dice.

As a variation, you can mark off coordinates in the classroom and have students move to that location in the room!

5. Get creative

One of our favorite things about the Digital Dice tool is that it’s flexible.

Students are naturally creative, so ask them to create their own exercise using dice! And remember, when students come up with a great idea you can save your lesson and use it later.

Share your feedback!

We love your feedback at Gynzy, and when creating Digital Dice we took the input from teachers into account:

“Would be nice to have a dice where you can change how the dots appear. For instance maybe a dice where you really see the number instead of the dots.”
– K.M.

“There are many games that rely on six sided dice to be rolled. Having this interactive piece will allow teachers to display a digital dice roll for the entire class to see.” -Liberty Elementary

“I love the function of using and personalizing dice. I teach special ed and so many of my lessons use these. To be able to customize for math or reading would be lesson changing!” -Grassland Elementary

“Please add editable dice. Teachers can then put on letters, sight words, or numbers for students to roll…CVC and roll then read real or nonsense words.” -Dingman Delaware Primary

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