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I can explain the functions of the skin and describe the layers of the skin.

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Your Skin

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In this lesson, students learn about the largest organ in the body. They will explore each layer of the skin: the epidermis, dermis, and the subcutaneous layer. Students will understand how important this organ is in their everyday lives and how it works to protect the body from dirt, bacteria, sun radiation, and more!



Learning Objective

Students will be able to identify the layers of the skin and their characteristics, as well as understand how it protects the body and allows them to have the sense of touch.


At the start of the lesson, students think about what they think is the largest organ in the body. This will lead to a discussion of skin and its importance. This includes how skin protects the body, helps keep the body at the right temperature, and allows the sense of touch. Students will then be introduced to the three layers of the skin. Students will go through each layer of skin and learn of its function and importance.


Starting with the epidermis, they will learn that this outer layer is made up of dead skin cells while new cells are formed at the bottom. Next, students learn that the dermis contains all the blood vessels, nerve cells, oil and sweat glands, and hair roots. Finally, the subcutaneous layer contains the fat to keep you warm and protected from injury. Students will drag to label all parts of the skin before learning how the skin and brain communicate when exposed to different stimuli like pressure, heat, and pain.


Check student understanding with true/false and multiple-choice questions.


Students drag images of items like fire, a cactus, and snow to categorize the different types of stimuli.

Teaching tips

Encourage students to think of their own examples of stimuli on the skin and make personal connections of how they’ve observed their own skin working to protect them in their own lives.

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