Writing facts for informative writing

Writing facts for informative writing

I can write facts about a topic.

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Writing facts for informative writing

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Teach students how to write facts about a topic, and begin to differentiate between fact and opinion.

Common core standards


Learning Objective

Students will be able to write facts about a subject and know the difference between fact and opinion.


Students begin the lesson by observing a picture. They will answer the questions, “Who is in the picture?” “Where are they?” “When is this happening?” and “What are they doing?” This will lead to a discussion about facts and opinions.


Students learn about topics and facts. Explain that facts can be proven while opinions are what someone thinks, feels, or believes. Students read two short passages and determine which of the two contains facts and not opinions. You might explain that words like “I think” and lots of adjectives suggest opinions. Next, students use a web to list facts about dogs with sentence starters like “Dogs can…” “Dogs eat…” etc. and they do the same for cows. Then, students read about flowers and turtles and list facts, guided by sentence starters.


Check student understanding with ten questions in which students determine if a statement is a fact or opinion. Students also are given an image and must determine which is a fact or opinion.


Restate the learning objective and review why it is important to write facts (So that others can learn about the topic). Next, students drag sentences into two boxes, fact or opinion. Finally, students spin a wheel and state a fact about the picture they land on.

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