Write narratives detailing events

Write narratives detailing events

I can write narratives detailing events.

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Write narratives detailing events

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In this lesson, students will learn about personal narratives by filling out graphic organizers to plan their writing and actually writing their own narrative.



Learning objective

Students will be able to write narratives detailing events.


As a class students will write 3 sentences to support a paragraph. They will use key facts that are given to them to help them write it.


Students will be introduced to narrative writing. They will also discuss personal and fictional narratives. They will look at a picture and write an introduction for it. They will then discuss the body of a narrative in more detail (sequence of events, more details for each event, actions and feelings). They will complete some more activities, such as putting details in order and filling in the blanks to a narrative. Then, with assistance, the class will fill in a model graphic organizer to plan narrative writing.


Review narrative writing with 10 questions in which students must determine parts of narrative writing.


Students will write a personal narrative about a time they got into trouble. They will then share it with the class.

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