Write facts about a topic

Write facts about a topic

I can write facts on a topic.

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Write facts about a topic

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Students learn to distinguish facts from opinions and are able to write facts about a topic.



Learning objective

Students will be able to write facts on a topic.


Have students discuss with their partners/groups what the difference between fiction and nonfiction is. Can they come up with examples of each? As a class, discuss that fiction is about things that did not actually happen, while nonfiction writing is about things that actually happened.


Tell students that we will focus on nonfiction or informative writing and that one of the main parts of nonfiction writing is facts, as they teach your audience the truth about something. Emphasize that facts are true statements about a topic. Practice recognizing facts with the next few examples on the interactive whiteboard. Then ask the students to determine if the given statements are fact or not. When done, practice creating a fact about a topic. With the topic of kittens, come up with a true fact about kittens as a class. Make sure to have students think about whether or not their suggestions are facts or opinions. Practice writing more facts about the subjects given. Have students form pairs. In pairs, have students come up with a topic they are experts on. Each student will then share some facts about their topic and then write down one fact that they learned from their partners. Those facts will be shared with the class.


Students are given ten questions about the lesson. They must determine if the given statement is a fact or not. They are also given sentences in which they must change an underlined word to make the given statement a fact.


Remind students that being able to determine a fact is important when writing an informative text. Say that you can check if something is a fact by asking if it is true. To close, do a group brainstorm. Choose a topic you learned about recently in math or science. Break into small groups to come up with facts about that topic. Share the facts with the teacher who will write them in the space provided. Read your classroom-created informative writing piece!

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