Write an objective summary of informational text

Write an objective summary of informational text

I understand what an objective summary is and can provide one for a given text.

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Write an objective summary of informational text

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In this lesson, students will be introduced to the idea of objectivity and how to write an objective summary of informational text. Students will learn how to properly organize and write an objective summary and the steps to follow to further strengthen their writing. Students will be guided through a web activity, in which they will read an outside article source and analyze a model objective summary. They will then go on to independently completing their own objective summary based on an article they read. The lesson will end with an activity in which they will create an objective summary on a topic of their choice and fill out a diagram organizing their information.



Learning objective

Students will be able to write an objective summary of informational text by taking proper notes, using summary verbs, determining the central idea, and organizing all their details into a factual summary


Review what it means for something to be ​Objective​ and introduce the concept of Objective summaries to students. Have students watch a video about creating objective summaries and write 3 new facts they learned about objective summaries.


Understand the proper meaning of ​objective​ and ​objective summaries. ​Learn different characteristics of objective summaries, and understand the main goals of them. Read, understand, and apply the 4 steps to writing objective summaries. Show students how to properly format an objective summary by following this general guideline: Title, Author, Verb, and Central Idea. Teach students about the various summary verbs they can use to convey their information, and have them slide to reveal different examples. Give students the ability to evaluate their summaries by showing them the 5 questions they should always ask themselves to be sure their objective summary is written correctly. Have students apply knowledge learned by reading a sample article and analyzing a model objective summary, and then creating an objective summary of their own based on a web article.


Students respond to ten questions in which they review the requirements of objective summaries, and identify the required elements to stay objective in a summary.


Students will create their own objective summary about a topic they find interesting. They will locate an informational text of their choice. They will complete and fill out a diagram organizing the information and write an objective summary about it, sharing their final summary with their classmates.

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Instruction materials

Students will need the following for activities in the lesson:
- notebook
- pencils
- computer or electronic device for web activities

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