Write a conclusion related to the opinion

Write a conclusion related to the opinion

I can write a conclusion related to the opinion.

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Write a conclusion related to the opinion

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In this lesson, students will use a checklist (printable provided) to write conclusions related to stated opinions and reasons. They will read several passages and practice deciding which conclusions are best suited for the passages. Then, they will write their own conclusions. Finally, they will write an entire opinion piece using the conclusion checklist.



Learning objective

Students will be able to write a conclusion related to the opinion.


Students will read opinion statements and match them with their corresponding solution or suggestion. They will discuss the elements of opinion writing in pairs. Review the different parts of opinion pieces. Students will discuss why conclusions are important.


Students will look at a checklist that will help them write conclusions. The steps include: "Begin with a conclusion sentence starter," "Restate your opinion," "Reiterate your main reasons," and "Offer a solution or suggestion." They will read an example of a conclusion that meets the checklist criteria.

They will read a passage about how cell phones are a vital part of life and determine the author's opinion, the reasons used to support the opinion, and the reader's opinion. Next, they will read two conclusions and pick the one that relates to the author's opinion and reasons. They will do a similar activity with a passage about recess. They will then write their own conclusion for a passage about school cafeterias.


Students will answer 10 questions in which they check understanding of key concepts taught in the lesson.


Students will recall what they learned in this lesson. Lastly, they will respond to the prompt, "Should snow days be banned? Why or why not?" They will write an introduction, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion that meets all the checklist criteria.

Instruction materials

- printable

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