Write a conclusion related to the information

Write a conclusion related to the information

I can write a clear and organized conclusion related to the information.

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Write a conclusion related to the information

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This lesson will focus on what makes a conclusion strong, particularly the idea that the conclusion is the last chance to catch the reader’s attention. The steps and details for how to properly write a conclusion will be shown with opportunities for students to practice on their own. Students will also be shown different ways they can end their informative piece that keeps readers interested such as a strong statement, advice, and questions. Examples for each will be provided in addition to several transitional phrases they can use to start their conclusions.



Learning objective

Students will be able to write a clear and organized conclusion related to the information presented.


Students will review their understanding of informative writing. They will then be told that the lesson will focus on conclusions or the ending paragraph or section in informative pieces. They will be shown a sample conclusion and asked questions that correspond to the text.


Students will look at examples for writing strong conclusions and analyze what the writer did. They will be introduced to the three steps to writing a strong conclusion that include: reminding the readers of the main facts from the body, making a connection to the hook, and adding a memorable ending. They will take a look at some examples of transitional phrases they use to restate their introductions in a new way. They will also be introduced to five different ways to write strong and clear conclusions that include: Call the reader to action, why the topic matters, paint a picture, how you can help, and end with a quote.

Students will be given a sample introduction and body of an informational text and asked to complete the text by writing a conclusion. Students will fill out the steps to write their own conclusion. Students will write sample conclusions based on given topics.


Students will review the strategies for writing conclusions that they learned in this lesson by answering 10 questions.


Have students recall what they learned about conclusions. They will then fill out a web diagram listing what makes a conclusion a strong one.

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