Write a conclusion

I can write a conclusion paragraph for an opinion essay.

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Write a conclusion

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In this lesson, students will learn how to write a conclusion for opinion writing. They will go over three important parts of a conclusion paragraph and use graphic organizers and checklists to help them remember.



Learning objective

Students will be able to write a conclusion paragraph for an opinion essay.


Students will discuss some opinions they may have, such as opinions about dogs. They will also identify an opinion. They will review opinion writing and the 6 steps to follow when writing an opinion essay: 1) Begin by stating your opinion, 2) List reasons why you feel that way, 3) Support your reasons with facts, 4) Provide examples for your reasons, 5) Use 2-3 reasons to support your opinion, 6) Finish your writing by restating your opinion in the closure. They will read an example of an opinion paragraph and look at the different parts of it: the topic sentence, details, and the closing sentence.


They will then look at the last part of their essay, the conclusion. They will discuss three important parts to include in a conclusion: restating the opinion, summarize reasons, and give the reader a final thought. Students will also be introduced to some transitional phrases they can use in their writing. Students will review the steps to write a conclusion with the book, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit."

They will use a graphic organizer to organize their conclusion paragraph on the topic of "One Place Everyone Should Visit." They will use a checklist to make list they have included all the elements. Next, they will brainstorm, organize, and write a clear conclusion about a book they believe every kid should read.


Review how to write a conclusion for an opinion essay with 10 questions.


Have students recall the three steps to write conclusions in opinion writing. Lastly, they will spin the wheel to pick a topic to write about.

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