Would you rather...?

Would you rather...?

Get to know your students with a fun game of "Would you rather...?"

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Would you rather...?

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Thought-provoking Questions

This Would You Rather game includes 2 sets of 9 unique and engaging questions like, “Would you rather be able to speak all languages or speak to animals?”

Facilitate Discussions

Students can share why they chose one option over the other. Do any students want to change their mind after listening to their classmates' reasoning?

Build Classroom Community

These "Would you rather" prompts are great for building community, building language, and helping students think critically as they choose between two equally exciting (or terrifying) options!

Would You Rather Game

Students come up to the board and drag an emoji to the box of their choice. Another option is to get students moving by having them move to one side of the room or the other.

Use this activity as an ice breaker during the first days of school, a brain break, or even as a series of writing prompts.


Add Your Own

Customize this activity and add your own questions or have your students write their own!

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