Working with coins

Working with coins

I can add up coins.

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Working with coins

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In this lesson, students will learn strategies for adding up the value of coins.



Learning objective

Students will be able to work with and add up coins.


Students will drag coins to their price tags. They will do addition problems with tens (e.g., "20 + 20"). They will then do 3 addition problems with coins. It is important to know how to add up coins to see how much money there is.


Explain to students that adding the coins with the highest value first will make it easier to add up the total value. They can separate coins into groups by the type of coin (e.g., quarters with quarters, nickels with nickels). Students will review the steps of counting coins: separate coins into groups, adding the largest numbers first, and adding the rest of the coins. They will do a few problems where they add up coins.

Guided Practice

Review adding up coins with 10 questions. Students will recall how much some coins are worth and add up groups of coins.


Students will be "given" some coins. They'll add them up to see what they can buy.

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