Working with bills and coins up to $100
Working with bills and coins up to $100

Working with bills and coins up to $100

I can count bills and coins up to $100.

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In this lesson, students will learn how to count bills and coins up to $100 efficiently. The lesson will model how to do this. Then, students will use those strategies to count money.



Learning objective

Students will be able to count bills and coins up to $100.


Students will identify which group of bills is $75 and $28. Explain that counting money is an essential skill to buy things.


Students will review the dollar sign and that it signifies a monetary amount will follow the symbol. The lesson will model the steps to adding up coins and bills: count the bills and then the coins. Count the largest numbers first.

Students will say the order in which they add the bills and coins. Then the lesson will model step-by-step the order in which students should count the money. Students will then answer true/false questions about how much money is shown. They will also count groups of bills and coins and be encouraged to reflect on how they arrived at their answer.

Guided Practice

Review counting money to $100 with 3 questions. Students will count some bills and coins and type in their answers or choose the correct answer.


Students will recall the strategies for counting money that they learned in this lesson. They will be given a dollar amount (e.g., $28.05) and make the amount with different bills and coins.

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