Word connotations

I can identify words with strong, weak, and neutral connotations.

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Word connotations

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In this lesson, students will learn how to determine the meanings of words strong, weak, and neutral connotations and use them in their own writing.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify words with strong, weak, and neutral connotations and evaluate the importance of that connotation.


Students will review what they've already learned and give words and "upgrade." For example, they may upgrade the word, "good," to "excellent" or "uproarious." Students will think of stronger words to use for different situations. Explain why it is important to learn about word connotations.


A connotation is an emotion or meaning that is implied by a word and goes beyond a word's literal definition. Students will sort words with positive and negative connotations. Next, students will write negative, neutral, and positive words, such as "stench," "smell," and "fragrance." They will read short passages and identify emotions that are evoked by words' connotations. They will also read passages to find deeper meanings from different connotations of words.


Students will answer ten questions in which they define connotations, identify positive or negative connotations, and identify the connotation of a given word.


Students will revisit lesson concepts:
- Why is connotation important?
- How will word connotations affect our reading and writing?

Students will then write a story that takes place during their favorite holidays. They will each write two versions: one with a positive connotation and one with a negative connotation.

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