Women's History Month (6-8)

Women's History Month (6-8)

I can describe the formation and purpose of Women's History Month.

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Women's History Month (6-8)

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Introduce your students to trailblazing women like Amelia Earhart, Dorothea Lange, and Mary Bethune. This lesson teaches students how Women’s History Month was formed and showcases a number of women who have greatly impacted the world.

Common core standards


Learning Objective

Students will be able to explain how Women’s History Month was created and acknowledge the contributions of great women in our history.


Students begin with a discussion about the women in their lives who have made an impact in some way. Then, they learn about where and when Women’s History Month came to be, starting in California as a week-long event, and eventually spreading to the office of President Jimmy Carter.


Students read an excerpt from President Carter’s speech to the nation and analyze its meaning. Then, they learn about the National Women’s History Project and how they eventually succeeded in having Congress declare March Women’s History Month. To check understanding, students drag events and place them in the correct chronological order. Next, students learn about women who have made a significant contribution to the world including Mary Cassatt, Dorothea Lange, Mary McLeod Bethune, Clara Barton, Amelia Earhart, and Michelle Obama. Students engage in a discussion about stereotypes that exist for both males and females.


Check student understanding with ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students recap how each of the women discussed impacted the world and drag to match the woman with facts about her.

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