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Students will learn about winter weather, clothing, holidays, and activities.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to describe the winter season and identify appropriate clothes for the season. They will also be able to list a number of winter-weather activities and compare their ideas with their classmates.


The presentation begins with a fun activity in which students build their own snowman.


The class will vote on their favorite activities and engage in a discussion of "the five senses of winter," filling out a graphic organizer. Students will then practice letters by dragging upper-case letters to the corresponding lower-case letters in a snowglobe. They will also practice rhyming words and have the opportunity to practice counting scattered items in a fun, visual recognition brain game. Students can also take part in activities like hangman and completing patterns.


Enjoy a relaxing, crackling fireplace to warm up the classroom during the cold season!

Teaching tips

When discussing the five senses, you may ask, "What do you see in the winter? What do you smell? What do you touch? What do you taste? What do you hear?" Encourage students to be descriptive to brainstorm a variety of sensory words. For their favorite winter activities, the class will keep a tally and complete a bar graph with the data collected. This is a great opportunity for students to discuss their choices. Students will create a list of words that rhyme with "skate," "sled," "snow," and "deer." Remind students to listen to the ending sounds. You might ask, "What other words end with -ate?

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