Why is washing my hands important?

Why is washing my hands important?

I can describe the purpose of the immune system and ways to keep it healthy.

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Why is washing my hands important?

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This lesson will include an introduction to white blood cells and other organs that make up the body’s defenses. The lesson will include a brief description of how germs and bacteria invade the body and the unique ways the body has learned to protect itself. Students will learn why it is important to wash their hands as well as other ways to stop the spread of germs.



Learning objective

Students will be able to describe the function of the immune system/network of collaborating organs, and ways to keep their body safe from foreign invaders.


Students will think about times they have been sick and how they made themselves feel more comfortable when sick. They will be introduced to the immune system and why it is important for our bodies.


Students will meet Jerry, a germ, and about him: how he prefers human hosts and can travel to different humans after he makes them sick. Students will discuss points of entry for germs and defenses that human bodies have against germs. Students then learn about the importance of washing hands and symptoms of getting sick.

Guided practice

Review what students learned with 4 true-or-false questions and 6 multiple-choice questions.


Students will recall the body's defenses against germs and list ways to prevent the spread of germs.

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