Why do we need a tongue?

Why do we need a tongue?

I can describe the main parts and functions of the tongue.

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Why do we need a tongue?

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Students will learn that they need a tongue to talk, taste, and eat. In this lesson, students will explore the different parts of the tongue, starting with the posterior, the median sulcus, and then the anterior. They’ll also learn about papillae, the tiny taste buds found all over the tongue.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify the different areas of the tongue and explain the important role the tongue plays in everyday life.


Students will begin by sharing ideas with a partner about why they have a tongue. Next, they’ll take part in a fun tongue-twister activity.


Students will learn about the different parts of the tongue and the muscles needed to make sounds like “k” and hard “g.” Students will place a finger on their tongues and try to speak. They’ll discuss what happens and why it may have been more difficult to speak. Next, students will go over different tastes, like sweet, bitter, and salty, and brainstorm some foods for each taste. For this activity, students spin a wheel and write a food choice for the taste they land on. Finally, they will learn about the myth of the tongue map theory.


First, there are some true or false questions followed by other types of multiple-choice questions and fill-ins.


Students will drag to label the parts of the tongue.

Teaching tips

Have students say different words and pay attention to the location of their tongues. For example, have them say words like “the,” “play,” and “call.” Ask them about the position of their tongues, using the appropriate terms for each part of the tongue.

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