Why do we have rules?

Why do we have rules?

I can explain the purpose and need for rules.

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Why do we have rules?

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Build a sense of community within your classroom and help students understand the purpose and need for rules. This lesson teaches students about the importance of rules and how they help to keep them safe and happy in their schools! They will also learn how rules are made and decided upon.

Learning Objective

Students will be able to identify reasons for making rules within a school.


Begin by asking students what they think a “rule” is. What kind of rules do you follow? Where do you follow them? Take some time to discuss this with the class. Then ask students how they ask the teacher a question in class. They probably raise their hands instead of calling out. Define the word "rule," then asks students what they think would happen if everyone did whatever they wanted in the classroom.


Explain what rules are, then share some examples like taking turns, treating others kindly, and keeping the classroom clean and tidy. Share some more examples. You may choose to take this time to create your own list of rules with your students. After this, have students drag the happy face to the rules we should follow, and a sad face to the rules that we should not follow if we want to have a good day. Next, have them match the pictures to the rules by dragging them into the correct boxes. Discuss how rules are made. Explain that a classroom decides on a rule together. Sometimes, you can even vote on a rule you think is important! The teacher and principal communicate these rules to the students. Finally, explain that rules are important for a number of reasons: keeping students safe, keeping the classroom neat, and keeping students focused on learning.


Check student understanding with ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students choose a rule they think is important and draw a picture of it. Then they should write the rule on the lines, explaining why they think it’s important. There is an optional printable worksheet included for this activity.

Instruction materials

The lesson includes a printable worksheet for the closing activity.

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