Who is telling the story?
Who is telling the story?

Who is telling the story?

I can name who is telling the story.

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In this lesson, students will learn how to determine who is telling a story. They will look at various pronouns they can look for to help them. They will read several passages and practice the skills to see who is telling the stories.



Learning objective

Students will be able to name who is telling the story.


Students will name some common story elements: events, characters, and settings. They will discuss the roles of characters and narrators.


Students will talk about the characters in Cinderella. They will look at the pronouns that might be used in stories to talk about characters and narrators. They will read a few short stories and determine who is telling the stories. The stories are about a friendly ghost, fun in the snow, a birthday surprise, and a treasure hunt.


Reveiw lesson concepts with 10 questions.


Have students recall what they learned in this lesson play a spin the wheel game.

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