What is light?
What is light?

What is light?

I can define light and provide examples of man-made and natural light sources.

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Students will be introduced to the concept of light and learn about natural and man-made light sources. The lesson includes engaging and interactive activities including a word search and the opportunity to use the eraser tool to reveal images.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to list examples of man-made and natural light sources and explain their importance in our everyday lives.


Students share experiences they have had in which they had no light. For example, the lights may have gone out during a storm or perhaps someone suddenly turned off the lights. With a partner, they will brainstorm what objects give them light.


Explain what light is and provide examples of different light sources. Tell students that the sun is the world’s main source of light and provide other examples of light sources like traffic lights, stars, flashlights, and electronics. Check understanding by having students circle the pictures that show light sources. Next, teach students how light waves travel to help us see the objects around us. Without this light, we would not be able to see anything and the world would be dark! After this, students use the eraser tool to reveal pictures of natural and man-made light sources. Have students complete the “I can see” word search.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice questions. They will identify light sources and choose pictures that show natural or man-made sources of light.


Students look at pictures and write what they see on the lines.

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