What is informative writing?

What is informative writing?

I can identify the different parts of informative writing.

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What is informative writing?

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In this lesson, students will learn about the components of an informational writing piece, which includes an opening that states the topic, 3 facts, and a creative conclusion. Informative pieces will be modeled for students to identify each of these components.




Students will be able to write effective informative writing pieces with all the required components.


Students will begin the lesson by working with a partner to inform them about a topic they're familiar with, like "baseball," "dinosaurs," "baking," and “gardens,” before reviewing facts and opinions.


Students will learn about the different parts of informative writing. They will view examples of what goes into the beginning (topic sentence), middle (3 facts), and end (engaging conclusion). Students will then read and drag to identify the topic of a piece of informative writing and identify 3 facts.


Students will answer ten questions in which they must determine if a statement is a fact or opinion, and to determine the parts of informative writing.


Students will write their own informative piece about a topic they know a lot about, making sure to include the essential parts of informative writing.

Teaching tips

Songs are a great way to engage students and to help them remember important information. In this lesson, students can sing a song to the tune of "Where is Thumbkin?" to help them remember all the parts of informative writing! The five-finger strategy is also part of this lesson and is another great way for students to remember the skill.

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