What is a timeline?

What is a timeline?

I can read and use a timeline to find information about when events occurred.

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What is a timeline?

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In this lesson, students will learn what a timeline is, when to use them, and the parts of a timeline include the title, dates, and descriptions. They will be exposed to a variety of timelines where they will have to both read them and practice filling in missing dates or events.

Learning Objective

Students will be able to read and interpret information on simple timelines.


Students will drag images and place them in order to put the events of Lisa’s day in the correct order. For example, First, she wakes up and gets ready for school. Then she rides her bike to school and then goes to basketball practice. From here, move on to a discussion about timelines and what they are.


Begin by explaining what timelines are. After this, describe the parts of a timeline including the title, dates, descriptions, and images. Use the timeline on the board to respond to questions. Drag the numbers to the blue boxes to find out why we use timelines. Read the timeline about George Washington’s life. Answer the questions and drag the stars to check your answers. Next, observe the timeline of the U.S. Sports Start Dates. Drag the missing images to the empty boxes.


Check student understanding with ten multiple-choice questions. They will read two different timelines, including one about Abraham Lincoln. Use the timelines to answer the questions.


Students will create their own timeline of their life. Their timeline must include at least 5 events. Remind students that their timelines should include a title, dates, descriptions, and pictures.

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