What are individual rights?

What are individual rights?

I can understand my individual rights.

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What are individual rights?

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In this lesson, students will learn the rights they should have in life.

Learning objective

Students will be able to understand their individual rights.


Students will review what rules are and their purpose. Then they will be introduced to their rights or allowances to various things in the world and why these rights are important. Rules are often made to keep us safe and we have a right to safety.


Students will identify their basic rights like the provision of food, water, shelter, school, safety, medicine, and play. They will hear a story either read by a teacher or through a YouTube read-aloud about basic rights. Then they will make text to self connections through discussion. Students will complete an activity to determine which right is being described.


Review individual rights as a class. Students will identify types of rights and tell whether something is a right.


Students will spin a wheel and describe a scenario that fits the matching “right.”

Instruction materials

Possible books:
- I Have the Right to Be a Child By Alain Serres
- Every Human Has Rights: A Photographic Declaration for Kids_ By National Geographic

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