Warm up: Math puzzles (fall-themed)

Warm up: Math puzzles (fall-themed)

Solve these fall-themed math puzzles!

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Warm up: Math puzzles (fall-themed)

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Students practice their problem-solving skills with these challenging fall-themed math puzzles! Each image represents a number. Find the value of the individual pictures by solving the mathematical equations.

Common core standards

Math Practice 1
Math Practice 7
Operations & Algebraic Thinking K-5
Expressions & Equations 6-7


Discuss with students that pre-algebraic puzzles that use substitution help students to perform basic functions and encourages their problem-solving skills. They use abstract reasoning and must find patterns to solve the problems given.


Select a math puzzle to solve with the class. The puzzles are increasingly difficult. Give students time to work individually, in pairs, or in groups to determine the solution to the given problem. Discuss answers as a class and have students explain their thinking before revealing the answer to the class. Note that the solution given is not the only possible solution. Challenge your students to find an alternate solution.

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