Wants and needs

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Wants and needs

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In this activity, students review wants and needs. Share some examples with the class before allowing students to brainstorm their own examples! Explain that the things we want are sometimes different from the things we need. For example, we need food to live, but we want ice cream and it would make us happy to have it! What are some items they want to have? What are some items they need in order to live? Have students work together to create a list or use the printable worksheet and distribute it to students individually.

Common core standards


Learning Objective

Students will be able to define and distinguish needs and wants.

Teaching tips

Allow students to share and reflect on everything they need or want that they already have! If students are having trouble coming up with things to list, provide guidance by having them recall what plants or animals need to live. You might also ask what things would make them happy if they had them.

Instruction materials

The activity includes a printable version if preferred. On this worksheet, students create a list of wants and needs.

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