I can identify verbs and use appropriate verbs within text.

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In this lesson, students practice identifying verbs and determining whether a word is a verb or a noun. They will also practice thinking of their own verbs to complete a passage and to describe the actions they take both at school and at home.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify and use frequently occurring verbs.


The lesson begins with a table of contents that links to various activities. First, students review what verbs are. Have them observe the images and think of the corresponding verbs like ‘kick’ and ‘sing.’


Students determine whether a word is a noun or a verb and drag the words into the correct box. Then they will brainstorm their own list of verbs that describe their actions at home and at school. Next, read the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” together and highlight all the verbs. Drag the text to check answers! After this, students drag the correct verbs to complete the passage and then write in their own.


Students respond to 8 questions in which they must choose the correct verb for the sentence.

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