Verb moods

Verb moods

I can form and use verbs in all their moods.

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In this lesson, students will learn how to form and use each of the five verb moods: indicative, interrogative, imperative, conditional, and subjunctive.



Learning objective

Students will be able to form and use verbs in all their moods.


In preparation for learning about moods, students will explore how sentence meaning changes with slight alterations to position/conjugation of a verb.


Students will be introduced to the five different verb moods. They will engage in activities, including forming and using verbs in sentences to create a designated mood, rewriting/correcting sentences to change it to a designated mood, identifying the mood, and creating a dialogue between characters that uses all the moods.


Students are given 10 questions to review verb moods.


Students will be partnered up to form teams. The teacher will spin for a verb mood and verb. Students will compete to see who can correctly write a sentence using that topic and mood.

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