Valentine's Day - Counting Game

Valentine's Day - Counting Game

Celebrate Valentine's Day with this fun counting game!

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Valentine's Day - Counting Game

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Play this game with two teams (or more). Each team can pick a game piece (monster) from the pink box on the left side. Take turns spinning the wheel and moving the game pieces. For example, if you roll a 2, move your game piece 2 spaces forward. If you land on a "plus," you may pick out that amount of cupcakes and add them to your team's basket. If you land on a "minus," you must discard that amount of cupcakes from your basket.

If a student lands on a:
- purple heart - Say something you love about yourself.
- pink heart - Give another student a compliment.
- red heart - Say your favorite candy.

On some turns, you can ask your students to figure out how many cupcakes they will have before they move the cupcakes to their baskets.

When you reach the end of the board, count how many cupcakes each team has. The team with the most cupcakes wins!



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