Vague pronouns

I can recognize and correct vague pronouns.

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Vague pronouns

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In this lesson, students will learn what vague pronouns are, why they might be used, how to identify them, and how to correct them.



Learning objective

Students will be able to recognize and correct vague pronouns.


As a class or with a partner, students will discuss when to use and avoid pronouns. They will read a short paragraph and discuss why using too many pronouns or vague pronouns can be ineffective.


Vague pronouns are pronouns that don't have a clear antecedent, or when the reader doesn't know what noun the pronoun is referring to or replacing. Students will read two sentences, "Imani and Rosa raced. She won," and answer a few questions. Students will also discuss how vague pronouns can either be the result of an unclear antecedent or even no antecedent at all.

Students will read sentences and themselves, "Is there an antecedent? Is the antecedent clear or is there another noun that could the antecedent?" Next, they will correct the vague pronouns they previously identified. They will also go over more challenging vague pronouns, such as possessive being used with people (e.g., "When she turned 21, Alma's mom threw her a huge party.").


Students are given 10 questions in which they review how to identify and correct vague pronouns.


Students will recall what they learned about vague pronouns. Lastly, they will do a writing activity in pairs in which they will each write 3 sentences (2 of which have a vague pronoun) and switch papers with their partners.

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