Using the multiplication tables 1 - 10

Using the multiplication tables 1 - 10

I can use the multiplication tables between 1 to 10.

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Using the multiplication tables 1 - 10

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This lesson includes different visualizations and strategies to introduce students to the concept of multiplication through the use of our number line tool, word problems, and visuals.



Learning objective

After this lesson, students will be able to use the multiplication tables between 1 and 10.


This lesson starts with an activity involving correctly placing numbers on the number line. It then proceeds to explain multiplication as a process where you can count groups of objects or larger numbers, rather than counting out the objects or numbers individually. This leads into the concept of a multiplication table, which helps students visualize what happens when different numbers are multiplied by a constant number.


To help students visualize this concept, the next part of the lesson is dedicated to visual problems that involve multiplication. This includes slides where groups of objects are presented for students to multiply and work out the solution. Students then take the step of writing multiplication equations of their own. They are also introduced to the "communicative property" of multiplication equations, meaning that changing the order of the equation doesn't change the answer to the problem (assuming the problem doesn't include any other steps or variables besides multiplication). Students are then given a series of multiplication word problems to work through.


The closing activity in this lesson presents a scrambled series of multiplication equations and solutions. Students must then reorganize these variables to produce the correct results for the 10 equations and solutions on the slide.

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