Using dialogue

I can correctly use dialogue in a story.

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Using dialogue

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Students learn the importance of using dialogue and how to correctly add it to a story.



Learning objective

Students will be able to correctly use dialogue to enhance their narratives and characters.


Have students turn and talk to their neighbor(s). Tell them to keep talking until the timer stops! Explain to the class that another name for the conversation they just had is to call it a dialogue. Read an example to the class. Explain that by introducing dialogue into a story, we allow the characters to speak directly and that this helps us better understand how they are feeling.


Define key elements of dialogue in text, namely quotation marks, commas, and dialogue tags and give examples of each. Have students practice adding commas and quotation marks on the given sentences. Then have students practice correcting the dialogue in a given passage. Ask students to work in pairs to come up with dialogue to continue a given passage. They should write it out on a separate sheet of paper. Share some of the possible extensions to the dialogue as a class. Repeat this but ask students to come up with their own dialogue for the next passage. Share some of the possible extensions to the dialogue as a class. Have students create new pairs and ask them to create a dialogue between the two characters, making sure that the punctuation is correct!


Students are given ten questions. They must decide if sentences are written correctly or incorrectly, must determine if the quotations are done correctly and define some of the key terminology from the lesson.


Remind students that dialogue allows us to hear the inner feelings directly from a character and can help the reader better understand a character. Close with a writing challenge. You may divide the class into groups or do this individually, but spin the dial and students will be challenged to write a dialogue between the given characters.

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