Using coping skills to self-regulate anger and anxiety
Using coping skills to self-regulate anger and anxiety

Using coping skills to self-regulate anger and anxiety

I can calm myself.

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Feelings are part of being human. Unfortunately, our feelings or emotions aren't always positive. Sometimes we may feel angry, nervous, anxious or lonely. When we feel these unpleasant emotions, it can be helpful to take a step back and try to actively manage how we are feeling.

Learning Objective

Students will learn to calm themselves and manage their emotions.


There's a difference between being annoyed (a small feeling) and being afraid or angry (big feelings). Differentiating between these emotions can help us recognize when we need to take a step back and care for ourselves.


Stay Calm Skills help us manage big and unpleasant emotions. Importantly, we want to develop skills to stay calm that we can use in any environment and by ourselves. Talking to others is a great option for managing our emotions, but we don't always have this choice in moments when we are stressed.

Here are skills we can use to stay calm that we can use anywhere:

- Belly breathing rather than shallow chest breathing (watch the video!)
- Counting to 10 to force us to slow down and stop focusing on external stressors
- Positive self-talk so that we don't make ourselves feel worse by indulging negative feelings


Students should reflect:

- Why is it helpful to calm ourselves when we have big feelings?
- What Stay Calm Skills can we use to calm ourselves?

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