Using context clues
Using context clues

Using context clues

I can determine the meaning of unfamiliar words in a text.

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In this lesson, students will learn three different strategies (word parts, definition, and example) to use context clues to figure out the meaning of words. They will read several passages and use these different types of context clues to determine the meanings of words.



Learning objective

Students will be able to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words in a text.


Students will discuss what they think the word "majority" means. Then, they will read the word in the sentence, "She won class president because a majority of the class chose her." Explain why it is important to know how to use context clues.


Students will think of context clues with which they are familiar. Explain that students can use context clues of word parts (such as suffixes), the definition, and examples. Students will read a passage and use context clues to figure out the meaning of the word economical. They will do the same for the word benevolence and use it in a sentence. Students will also read a passage and determine the meaning of the words, commodity and bartered, and tell which context clues helped them determine the meaning. In pairs, students will come up with sentences using the word barter.


Students will answer ten true/false and multiple-choice questions.


Students will recall what they learned:
- Why do good readers use context clues?
- Name the different types of context clues.

Students will read another passage about Sir Edmund Hillary and determined the meaning of the word astonishing. Lastly, they will use the spinner to determine words about which they will write sentences.

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