Use frequently occurring prepositions

Use frequently occurring prepositions

I can use common prepositions like "to," "from," "in," and "out."

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Use frequently occurring prepositions

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Prepositions are some of the most commonly used words in the English language. This lesson discusses the most common prepositions (to, from, in, and out) and includes visual aids so that students can better understand what those prepositions refer to.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to use common prepositions like "to," "from," "in," and "out."


Students will look at three pictures and circle the person, underline the place, and put an X on the thing. Students will be shown two examples of prepositions used in sentences, including, "Jon can jump over the box." Students can identify the noun in the sentence first, so they can grasp the concept of prepositions linking a noun to the rest of the sentence.


Students are given visual prompts and asked to place one object in relation to another based on a specified preposition. Consider inviting students up to the board to complete these exercises. They will do complete several different activities placing objects according to the given preposition, such as "behind the doghouse" and "in the pink basket."


Students are asked to look at pictures and then pick the correct preposition that describes the picture.


Have students recall what they learned about prepositions. They will match sentences with prepositions to the correct pictures. Lastly, the will spin the wheel to determine where to place a doll in relation to a table or basket.

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