Use experiences and sources to learn more about a place
Use experiences and sources to learn more about a place

Use experiences and sources to learn more about a place

I can recall the information I’ve learned or use a source to answer questions...

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In this lesson, students learn about different sources they can use like brochures, websites, and interviews with experts to learn more information about a specific place. They’ll practice using these different sources and even their own personal experience to answer questions. In the end, students create their own postcards!

Common core standards


Learning Objective

Students will be able to recall information from experiences or gather information from provided sources like schedules and brochures to learn more about places.


Have students share some of their favorite aspects of the place where they live. Are there fun activities to do in the neighborhood? Favorite restaurants or locations? Explain that it’s important to use firsthand knowledge when trying to find new information about a place. They can draw on these experiences to answer questions.


Explain to students that they can learn new information about a place by asking someone like the mayor or checking a website. Go over some appropriate questions to ask an expert. Then describe some information you might find in a visitor’s center. Look over the “History Center Schedule” and use the information to answer the questions. Next, explain what a brochure is and drag the correct statements to the box. After this, read the City Pool schedule and drag “true” or “false” to the box by each statement. Finally, read the “Mystery Cave” sign and drag the star to the information you can find on the sign.


Students respond to 10 multiple-choice questions. They will refer to sources to respond to the questions.


Students will design a postcard about their town. One side with have images and visuals and the other side can include a message to a friend.

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