Use correct capitalization

Use correct capitalization

I can recognize and capitalize proper nouns in my writing.

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Use correct capitalization

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Students learn to differentiate between common and proper nouns. Throughout the lesson, students are asked to think of a common noun, and then a proper noun that is related to it, and they practice editing sentences, checking for capitalization.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to recognize when to use capitalization in proper nouns.


Review what a noun is by asking, "Is this word a person, place, or thing?" Have students drag the words to the correct box to identify if it describes a person, place, or thing.


Begin by describing common nouns and proper nouns. Then present students with two common nouns, "school" and 'candy bar." Have them think of specific proper nouns for each of those words like "Central Elementary" and "Minty Madness." Continue practicing this skill. After this, present some useful capitalization tips, showing students which words to capitalize when proper nouns contain multiple words. Then have them use the pencil tool to edit the sentences and fix capitalization.

Guided practice

Students are given multiple sentences and asked to correctly capitalize the appropriate words.


Students work with a partner to list 5 common nouns and their matching proper nouns.

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