Understand sequencing
Understand sequencing

Understand sequencing

I can order events in a logical sequence.

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In this lesson, students will learn how to sequence events and use signal words to help them.



Learning objective

Students will be able to order events in a logical sequence.


Students will put a morning routine in chronological order. They will discuss how events can be put in sequences and can be referred to with signal words, like "first," "next," and "last." They will review signal words as well.


Students will read a story about spring crops and answer questions about the sequencing of events. They will put images of a chef preparing food in chronological order. They will sequence different situations, such as putting out a fire, building a snowman, making a sandwich, getting a Christmas tree, going to Italy, and dying Easter eggs. They will read another story and sequence the events.


Students will review lesson concepts with 10 questions.


Students will recall what they learned about sequencing events. They will read about Johnny Appleseed and tell what happened.

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