Understand human Impact on Earth's systems

Understand human Impact on Earth's systems

I can share how humans impact Earth's systems.

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Understand human Impact on Earth's systems

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This lesson goes over Earth's systems, cause and effect, and human activities that benefit and harm the environment. Students will answer questions and complete activities about how humans affect the environment.



Learning objective

Students will be able to share how humans impact Earth's Systems.


Students will discuss what they know about the Earth. They will be asked, "When you think of the Earth, what comes to mind?" They will learn about different systems (atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere) into which things they may have mentioned can be grouped. All these systems work together to create one environment. Students will also review what living things need to live and when fulfilling human needs, humans change the environment.


Students will review the concept of cause and effect to preface learning about the cause and effect of human impact on the environment. The lesson will explain what kinds of human activities—like fishing or building factories—impact the environment and if the benefit or hurt the environment.

They will read three scenarios and answer a question for each scenario. The questions will ask students to predict what might happen next or identify the cause of the problem.


Review how humans impact Earth's systems with 3 true/false and 7 multiple-choice questions. Students will be asked to identify the systems they learned, cause and effect, and the three things living things need to survive.


Students will recall the three things needed to survive and choose from pictures to illustrate a cause and effect. They will then complete an exit ticket, labeling a diagram with Earth's systems.

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