Transition words and phrases

Transition words and phrases

I can identify transition words in my writing.

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Transition words and phrases

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Transition words help us show how ideas in our writing are connected. Here are three common scenarios in which we might use transition words:
- When we're sequencing or putting events in order
- In cause and effect, when one event causes another
- When we're comparing and contrasting

There are many different transition words, and the word you use will depend on what relationship you are trying to draw between two objects or ideas.

Passages are included to help students correctly use and identify transition words.

Learning Objective

This lesson will help students use and identify transition words.

Guided practice

Students are given 10 questions in which they will practice distinguishing between passages that sequence events, passages that compare and contrast, and passages that show cause and effect as well as reviewing what the different transition word categories are.


What are some common transition words you can think of? Why are transition words important?

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