Traits of responsible citizens

Traits of responsible citizens

I can describe the traits of responsible citizens who respect their community.

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Traits of responsible citizens

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Students learn about the traits of good citizenship like respect, compassion, courage, honesty, and responsibility. Throughout this interactive lesson, students practice sorting pictures and sentences to demonstrate their understanding.

Learning Objective

Students will be able to provide examples of good citizenship.


Students share examples of how they show respect at home, at school, and in their community. Remind students of what respect is and provide some examples. Then explain what a citizen is and discuss how respecting your community can ensure that everyone is safe and happy.


Teach students about the five traits that a good citizen should have. Students will drag examples to a box to show which example demonstrates good citizenship. For example, cleaning up the community and following rules. After this, students will drag sentences like “I help others in need” and “I throw away litter” to show which sentences demonstrate compassion in your community. Next, have students use the pencil tool to highlight examples of a citizen who is honest. Finally, students will participate in a good citizen sort in which they will drag phrases into the correct columns, either good citizens or not good citizens.


Check student understanding with ten true or false and multiple-choice questions in which they must answer questions about what it means to show good citizenship.


Students spin the wheel then work with a partner or group to act out an example of the trait they landed on. Students can also draw a picture of themselves demonstrating good citizenship in their community.

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