Traits best suited for an environment
Traits best suited for an environment

Traits best suited for an environment

I can identify and compare parts of animals that control their body temp...

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Students learn how animals use their traits to survive in their environments. These traits can help them stay warm or cool, move easily, hide, and eat. Students learn about the importance of these traits and in the end, they will create and draw a picture of their own animal!


NGSS: 3-LS3-2

Learning objective

Students will be able to describe parts of animals that control their body temperature, help them move and help them get food.


Go through some discussion questions with students, then explain what a “trait” is and provide some examples. Explain that some traits can help animals live in their environment.


Explain how animal traits can help them move. Moving is important for animals because it allows them to find food and stay close to their herd. Ask students to discuss the reasons why they also need to move in their environment. Have students choose items that might help them move faster in the water then determine which animals have a trait that resembles the item they chose. Animals also have traits that help them stay cool or warm and they have traits that allow them to hide, or blend in.


Students respond to multiple-choice questions and drag animals to the environment for which they are best suited.


Spin the wheel then students draw an animal that has the traits needed to survive in their environment.

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