Time and sequence in scientific texts
Time and sequence in scientific texts

Time and sequence in scientific texts

I can identify time and sequence in scientific texts.

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In this lesson, students will learn how to obtain information about time and sequence in scientific texts. They will use sequence words to tell the order of events. They will then read a few passages and highlight the sequence words to see how they show the order of events. To close out the lesson, students will write their scientific text.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify time and sequence in scientific texts.


Students will discuss if they've ever been curious about why lightning strikes or how electricity works. Explain how scientific texts provide readers with information about concepts about our natural world.


Explain how clue words, such as "first," "next," "then," and "last" signal the sequence in which things are done or how events happen. Students will drag sentences to sequence the steps of a volcano eruption. They will discuss how sequence words were helpful in this activity. Students will read a passage about the scientific method and highlight sequence words. They will answer questions about the passage. Students will discuss the purpose of the passage, "The Scientific Method" in pairs. Students will read the passages, "The Life Cycle of a Butterfly" and "Electricity," and highlight sequence words. Next, they will discuss in pairs how they sequenced how electricity is generated.


Students will answer ten questions in which they determine the sequence of given events and define the key concepts of the lesson.


Students will recall what they learned in the lesson by answering these questions:
- What is the purpose of a scientific text?
- Why do authors use time and sequence in scientific texts?

Lastly, students will write their own scientific text using information from a diagram of a water cycle. Students will be reminded to use sequence words.

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