Time and sequence in historical texts
Time and sequence in historical texts

Time and sequence in historical texts

I can identify time and sequence in historical texts.

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In this lesson, students will learn about the features of historical texts and sequence events they read about.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify time and sequence in historical texts.


Students will think about events that happened in the past, such as creating the US Constitution and inventing the first cell phone. When reading historical texts, students should look for relationships in dates to figure out the sequence of events. Tell students reading historical texts can show them when events happened and how are connected.


Students will read passages and put the sections in chronological order. They will then discuss with their peers the clues that helped the reorder the sections. Students will read a passage about the history of computers and answer a few questions about it. Using information from the passage, they will make a timeline of events. They will then discuss the effect computers have our their lives today.


Review time and sequence in historical texts with ten question.


Students will recall what they learned in the lesson and make timelines of the important events in their lives.

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