The letter Aa

I can recognize, write, and identify sounds for the letter Aa.

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The letter Aa

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Students will participate in a variety of activities to learn the letter Aa. They will write the letter, identify it in different contexts, and listen to the letter sounds.



Learning objective

Students will be able to recognize, write, and identify sounds for the letter Aa.


Students will watch Jack Hartmann's Letter A Alphabet Song video. Show students uppercase and lowercase Aa and explain why learning the letters is important.


Students will decorate the uppercase and lowercase letter Aa. Next, they will write uppercase A and then lowercase a on the lined paper. They will use the spotlight tool to look for letter Aa's on the slide. They will also look for the A in different pictures of items, such as road signs or colored pencils.

Students will read a poem called, Annie Adler's Apple and circle all the a's. Then, students will be introduced to letter a sounds. Students will get a preview of identifying beginning vowel sounds by listening to different words, such as "axe" and "apple." Optional: challenge your students by sorting words by their beginning and middle sounds.


Students will respond to ten questions in which they are asked to click the letter Aa (or words with the letter Aa) and to identify if a given word has an Aa sound.


Discuss why it is important to know the letter Aa. Practice writing the letter some more.

Teaching tips

Some concepts, like letter sounds, may be advanced. Feel free to skip those sections or use them as pre-assessments.

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