The five themes of geography

The five themes of geography

I can describe the 5 themes of geography and apply that knowledge.

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The five themes of geography

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This lesson provides an overview of The Five Themes of Geography. Incorporating class discussions and group activities, this lesson will build the foundation of understanding of how geographers study our Earth.

Learning objective

Students will be able to describe The Five Themes of Geography and apply that knowledge to the place they live.


Students will participate in a class discussion sharing about where they live. Through this discussion, they will gain the understanding that the place they live can be described in several ways.


As each theme is taught, a reinforcement activity is provided. These include group responses such as clapping for yes or no answers. Discussion questions will encourage thinking that helps them apply The Five Themes to their experiences. Region Riddles applies the concept of regions to the smaller scale of their house.


Students respond to 10 multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students will participate in a scavenger hunt around the area they live looking for The Five Themes. Using photographs or drawings, they will create a poster to share with their class.

Instruction materials

Students will need the following to complete the final activity:
- construction paper or poster board; markers, scissors, glue
- drawings or photographs

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