The Circulatory System (6-8)

The Circulatory System (6-8)

I can describe the functions of the major parts of the circulatory system.

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The Circulatory System (6-8)

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The circulatory system has many important functions, primarily transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout your body! This lesson will teach students about the three main parts of the circulatory system. Students learn about the four chambers of the heart and how blood flows through the heart. They’ll also learn about blood and blood vessels.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to describe the functions of the main parts of the circulatory system including the heart, blood, and blood vessels.


Tell students that the blood vessels which make up their circulatory systems could wrap around the entire planet almost three times! Explain the importance of the circulatory system and introduce the three main parts: heart, blood vessels, and blood.


Explain the function of the heart. Have students place their hands over their hearts to feel the beating of their own hearts. Then have them come up to the board to slide the outside of the heart to reveal the inside. Describe the four main chambers of the heart. Next, explain how blood flows through the heart: first, from the body into the right atrium and finally through the aorta. After this, students drag to test their knowledge and label the parts of the heart. Move on to the blood vessels. Explain the three types: arteries, veins, and capillaries. Finally, teach students about blood and explain that blood is made of 55% plasma. It also contains red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Describe each of these and explain the function of each. Review the important functions of blood and have students discuss which they think is the most important and why.


Students respond to ten questions consisting of true or false, multiple-choice, and fill-ins.


Students spin a wheel and read the description they land on. Have them drag the correct letter to the matching description.

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