Terra Mission: Theme 2 - Energy (ages 11-14)

Terra Mission: Theme 2 - Energy (ages 11-14)

Learn about waste and what the waste problem is.

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Terra Mission: Theme 2 - Energy (ages 11-14)

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This is the second theme of the Terra Mission course. Students learn what energy is, how energy is generated and what is needed to do so. Problems and solutions regarding the generating and use of energy are discussed. They then learn how they can contribute to these solutions.


- Introduction: Listen to my story.
- Instruction: What is needed to generate energy? What are fossil fuels? What is the problem with generating energy from fossil fuels? Which renewable energy resources can offer an alternative?
- Worksheet
- Practical assignment: Make a mind map about energy
- Closing: Discuss the learning goals and worksheet. Make arrangements with students on when they will work on their practical assignment.
- Outdoor experience: Visit a house (or school) that uses solar panels.
- Extra: Concentration, Different assignments: quiz, interview, energy labels on appliances, films.

Terra Mission

Plastic soup, polluted air, litter… Children are confronted with news about climate change and environmental problems on a daily basis. Awareness is the basis for change. Therefore, Life Terra is proud to present the first series of lessons in which children can learn how to actively contribute to a more sustainable society (amongst other things). The Terra Mission course covers 8 themes for ages 8-10 and 11-14. Each theme consists of a lesson on the interactive whiteboard, a teacher guide with an answer key, and a worksheet.
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Teaching Tips

Read the teacher guide attached to the Mission Terra's introduction lesson for a general introduction and useful tips on how to use The Terra Mission course.

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