Terra Mission: Introduction (ages 8-10)

Terra Mission: Introduction (ages 8-10)

Join Terra Mission and become a climate and environmental expert!

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Terra Mission: Introduction (ages 8-10)

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Get your students on the Terra Mission to become climate and environmental experts: an authentic generation of Terra Heroes! In this introduction lesson you will activate student's prior knowledge about the environment and climate. Discover how they feel about these themes using polls and statements.


- Introduction: What do the students know? What have they already picked up, for example from the media?
- Exploration: What is Life Terra? What do they do? What is their mission? What is the student’s mission? What are the course themes and their general content?
- Polls and statements: What do the students know? Do they agree or disagree with the given statements?
- Practical assignment: Start a news pin-board. During the course more news articles will be added to the notice board. Eventually, the articles on the board serve as input for the final assignment in the closing lesson.
- Closing: Who can do something about it?
- Outdoor experience: Take a walk outside
- Extra: Concentration, environment-day calendar, Song: Storybots- A Beautiful, Beautiful World.

Terra Mission

Plastic soup, polluted air, litter… Children are confronted with news about climate change and environmental problems on a daily basis. Awareness is the basis for change. Therefore, Life Terra is proud to present the first series of lessons in which children can learn how to actively contribute to a more sustainable society (amongst other things). The Terra Mission course covers 8 themes for ages 8-10 and 11-14. Each theme consists of a lesson on the interactive whiteboard, a teacher guide with an answer key, and a worksheet.
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Teaching Tips

Read the teacher guide attached to this introduction lesson for a general introduction and useful tips on how to use The Terra Mission course.


We want to know what kind of effect the Mission Terra lesson series has on student’s knowledge about the climate and how it informs their own learning. To do so we have created an anonymous questionnaire. We offer this questionnaire before students start the lesson series and a second questionnaire after completing the closing lesson. The idea is that by completing the questionnaire before being introduced to the Mission Terra lesson series we can effectively measure what students already know about the climate and sustainability. Use this link to open the questionnaire for students to answer before they have been introduced to the Mission Terra lesson series.

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