Telling time: Digital clock with whole hours
Telling time: Digital clock with whole hours

Telling time: Digital clock with whole hours

I can tell and write time in hours using digital clocks.

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In this lesson, students will learn all about digital clocks. They will learn how to tell and write time in whole hours using digital clocks. They will be able to understand how to properly read one. In addition, students will learn to differentiate between A.M. and P.M and sing along to a video about digital clocks. Students will read various digital clocks in different situations, such as on an oven to determine if their cookies are ready! Have students take turns with their classmates reading the time on the adjustable digital clock tool.



Learning Objective

Students will learn how to properly tell and write time in hours using digital clocks.


Introduce students to digital clocks by explaining that they can be found everywhere. Have them look at various forms of digital clocks and think about some of the places where they have seen them.


Begin the lesson by having students listen to a song that they can sing along to. Then show students how a digital clock looks and explain various parts, what they are, how they are pronounced, and how they are written. Have students imagine they are getting ready for school. Direct them to examine the clock in the image and read the time they see aloud. Explain to students the difference between A.M. and P.M. and have them complete an activity in which they differentiate. Tell students to imagine they are baking cookies with a friend. Have them analyze an oven digital clock to determine if their cookies are ready or not. Incorporate writing skills by having students look at digital clocks and write the time they see. Have students take turns in determining the time, using the interactive digital clock tool.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice questions and practice reading a digital clock.


Students think about 2 activities they love to do in their day. They will write down each activity, and adjust an interactive digital clock to show the time of day in which they complete their favorite activities.

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